About Patient Share

If you've ever had or thought about having a serious medical procedure, you want to have as much information as possible. You want to know what to expect beforehand so that you are mentally and physically prepared. Or maybe the procedure is elective and you want hear about other people's experiences in order to make the decision about whether the procedure is right for you.

If you do undergo the procedure, you want to make sure that your recovery is on track and that whatever you are experiencing is normal. You want piece of mind. And while doctors and surgeons can answer some of your questions, nothing can take the place of hearing about actual experiences from people like you who have had the same procedure. You can find answers to some of your questions online, but the information is spread across various sites and formats and there is no structure to it.

That's why we created Patient Share - a place to ask questions and share personal experiences about specific medical procedures. We hope that you find it to be valuable resource - and if you have had a medical procedure, we hope that you will share your experience to benefit others.

Jeff Schroeder
CEO, Patient Share