Are you happy with the results of this procedure?

rutlamb11 tweeted on June 26, 2021.

@ocmominthesouth I had an L4/5 fusion and L3/4/5 laminectomy 6 years ago. The surgery went very well as did the recovery but it’s long and you’ll need help from your kids and friends (no driving or lifting). I have no regrets about the surgery - none. My quality of life improved dramatically.

Did the procedure relieve your pain?

Lewis LaRosa
lewislarosa tweeted on September 8, 2021.

@AleSiryus Degenerative discs, arthritis, sciatica. I had a discectomy, laminectomy, & spine fusion a decade ago. It helped for about five years but it’s been getting worse again for the last five. I’ve had all kinds of treatments, still do a lot, & am looking into more


Back or neck pain that interferes with normal daily activities may need surgery for treatment. Laminectomy is a type of surgery in which a surgeon removes part or all of the vertebral bone (lamina). This helps ease pressure on the spinal cord or the nerve roots that may be caused by injury, herniated disk, narrowing of the canal (spinal stenosis), or tumors. A laminectomy is considered only after other medical treatments have not worked.