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T Balmer responded on Jan 17, 2022, almost 4 years after having this procedure. He was 58 years old at the time.

99% Happy! I struggled for 2 yrs with my shoulder and finally gave in. I didn't want foreign material in my body! Oh my! That was such a huge mistake. I went almost 2 yrs in agony, not sleeping, irritable. Less than 1 week after the surgery, the pain was mostly gone, I was finally able to sleep more than 2 hrs straight! I went back to work in 6 months, no problems.

Kmack61 responded on Jan 6, 2022, over 1 year after having this procedure. He was 61 years old at the time.

No. I had a severe rotator cuff injury that was not repairable. Had RTSA preformed and at 5mos post surgery I still have severe pain and painful cramping. Cramping occurs after repetitive motion like cutting food. Cramping occurs after extended use such as house cleaning. I can reach to 140 degrees but no external rotation of arm at side and 90deg of raise up from side.