What was your recovery like?

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T Balmer responded on Jan 17, 2022, almost 4 years after having this procedure. He was 58 years old at the time.

I was amazed at the process and how painless it was compared to the agony I lived with for 2 yrs. My PT lady was so awesome, she became a lifelong friend. I was back to work in 6 months and got stronger .... slowly, but surely. Within 1 yr I felt like I was about 95% pain free & 75% strength wise. 2 yr. mark strength increased to 85% and leveled off. After 4 yrs, I went back to her for PT for my foot surgery and had her do some exercises and compare them to when she rehabbed my shoulder. The numbers agreed with how I felt. Now, I'm retired and so thankful my shoulder is still great!

Kmack61 responded on Jan 6, 2022, over 1 year after having this procedure. He was 61 years old at the time.

Recovery has been disappointing. It seems now to be oriented towards movements that won’t cause pain instead of strengthening and range of motion.